Amir Mousavizadeh has been an active member of the arts scene for nearly two decades. He was taught by masters such as Parviz Tanavoli and Abbas Kiarostami.

Although he has experienced working with other mediums such as installation, video art, and photography, he chose sculpture and focused on the intrinsic capabilities of this medium, displaying an exceptional skill in its practice.

His earlier sculptures depict global concerns (war, oil, the desire for world peace, etc.). He has used a number of materials together to express the individual; and sometimes his sculptures are kinetic.

He tries to engage the audience with his work mentally and physically and to make them think more. Mousavizadeh’s works are a fusion of art and skill, which makes focusing on content easier. His earlier works induce a neorealist style and have been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions.

Amir Mousavi Zadeh’s latest collection of sculptures indicate the influence of Minimal Art, where simple and accessible materials; such as bricks, concrete, metal plates and so on, are assembled in an orderly fashion – works that are designed as a sequence or parts of a uniform whole.

These works are reminiscent of the Serial school of the 1960’s. but with a contemporary and internal twist, showing the artist’s identity and living conditions.


Soodeh Davoud