Articulations containing dual dimensions of “depth & repetition” embody the highest level of triviality. This is so as their incessant repetition leads to diminution of the subject to shallow and .tawdry levels, essentially a sort of empty slogans with an intellectual façade

War and peace, two intricate concepts, are manifestation of the most profound, yet common, abstractions. On the one hand, they are the staging platform for creation of magnificent works of art and literature while, on the other, they have led to myriad imitations and lousy strives. Deliberation.about these two concepts is a serious and precarious undertaking

Amir Mousavizadeh, is an artist whose preoccupation with war and peace has eradicated his concerns for tawdriness and propelled his arts’ collection in a direction that is grounded in lofty concepts while, in the same breath, reveals the triviality of perennial wars: An endeavor that, irrespective of its ultimate outcome, is abundantly manifested in the fine, delicate execution of the.project